Peking and the Mystics at Woodmans Always a treat and what could be better? Great seafood and Peking and the Mystics all just a few minutes from the beach!  Check back here to see our summer 2017 dates at Woodman’s.  To those of you that try to come out every summer to see us, please stop us and share some of your favorite Peking or Woodman’s memories.

Here is one of ours:  Last summer we began to sing a classic song we call “Pyramids”, the actual name of the song is You Belong to Me and was performed by the Duprees (and so many others).  We finished the song and decided to take a break, a very petite older woman came up and took hold of my hand. She said, thank you and then continued that her husband wanted to thank us as well but could not, he was a bit embarrassed as he had been in tears and returned to their car.  She told us they met and engaged some fifty or more years earlier and You Belong to Me was, without a doubt, “their song”.  When we started to sing it, he simply looked at her and hearing our song broke down with emotion.  For us as entertainers and really just five singers that love to share this music, it made our day.